Two Breads Like a Sandwich Book


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When you are four years old, few decisions are as big as what's for breakfast. Joanna Banana's favorite subject is food. What kind of food, how much food, and when is it getting into her belly. For no reason her family could decipher, Joanna referred to a peanut butter and jelly sandwich as "Two Breads Like a Sandwich." From the first time she had Two Breads, that became her true food love, and she needed to have it every day. Her family had tried to diversify and expand her diet, but two breads like a sandwich was her obsession.

Two Breads Like a Sandwich is a story of what makes this four-year-old most happy, and the way to her happiness is through her belly. From dreaming about last nights dinner, to helping her dog Ellie get her morning meal, Two Breads like a Sandwich is about Joanna's family, and how from her waking moment, her mission to have her first Two Breads of the day.

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