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Cozy up with Comphy’s Weighted Blanket, a natural way to feel and sleep better. A weighted blanket uses deep pressure stimulation to provide a calming feeling, help reduce anxiety and stress, and even improve your sleeping quality. Our weighted blanket features fine-grade glass beads (an ideal alternative to poly or plastic), safely enclosed in each 6" square for soothing, evenly distributed comfort. The Micro Mink blanket comes with a removable cover that is made from our famously soft, high-performance fabric and is easy to clean. The double-layered twill fits snugly around the Weighted Blanket and has a zipper enclosure on the side for ease of use along with ties in each corner to secure the blanket in place. 

Weight: 10 lbs
Dimensions: 48" x 72"
Color: Grey

Dimensions: 48.5" x 72.5"
Color: Cream, White, Grey

Weighted Blanket: Spot clean only.
Cover: Machine washable on delicate cycle. Hot wash, cold rinse and light dry. Do not use bleach. We recommend water-soluble massage oil, lotion or cream. We guarantee our sheets against staining for 1 year, except when used with grapeseed and jojoba oils.

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