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Comforting softness meets healing pressure with our Neck Wrap Set.

  • Our Neck Wrap Pillow: This soothing wrap is specially designed to conform to the neck and shoulders to soothe tired, tense, and aching muscles. It features a heavier weight of five pounds and a high neck to keep it firmly in place and avoid shifting during treatments. Flax seed pockets keep the fill consistently, comfortably dispersed. Use for soothing warmth or gentle coolness to melt the aches and pains of daily stress away, and customize scents with the use of essential oil infusion pads. 
  • Our Neck Wrap Cover: There’s nothing quite like being surrounded in Comphy’s high performance fabric. Our Neck Wrap Case, specifically designed for Comphy’s Neck Wrap Pillow, is made from our famously soft linen for exquisite comfort. The wrap is antimicrobial, anti-bacterial and naturally temperature-regulating for ease of use and laundering. 

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