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Size: Large
Style: White
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Striking a balance between texture and simplicity, our quilted Pillow Shams are the classic, modern layer you’ve been seeking. These shams add the perfect amount of color and texture to your bed, without overwhelming. Quilted on the front with 1" squares of our famously soft high performance fabric, they are designed to fit snugly over a pillow. Comphy’s shams are available in a range of colors to complement your bedding or to easily mix and match. They complete the look of a well-styled bed – especially when combined with our quilted blanket and sheet set. Set of two. 

Standard - fits standard and queen pillows
Inside: 20" x 27"
Outside: 24" x 31"

Large - fits king pillows
Inside: 20" x 37" 
Outside: 24" x 41"

Euro - fits euro pillows
Inside: 20" x 26" 
Outside: 30" x 30"

How to care for your product:

• Pre-treat stains
• Do not wash linen with other items such as towels.
• For optimum results, we recommend adding a high pH Detergent.
• Wash on Permanent Press cycle using hot water (minimum of 140˚).
• Use slow spin cycle if available.
• Use non-chlorine bleach, if desired.
We guarantee our sheets against staining for 1 year, except when used with grapeseed and jojoba oils.

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