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Arguably there’s nothing more important when you’re in the wild than being able to start a fire whenever and wherever you need to; under any circumstances. That’s where Squatch Rope’s Hemp-Based Fire Starter Ropes come in! We hand-crafted an eco-friendly, all-natural, fully-dried hemp material that is waterproof, windproof and, at just 6 inches long, is convenient in size and weight! Because when it comes to your backpack, bug out bag, hunting gear, survivalist, roadside or emergency kit, every ounce counts! We even took it a step further and made Squatch Ropes out of hemp; one of the most renewable, environmentally-friendly materials known to man (or Bigfoot). Our ropes are less expensive and better for the earth and forest than the cotton-based competition. Please light responsibly.
  • 6" Wind Proof, Water Proof, Non-Toxic & Eco-Friendly Fire Starter Rope
  • Assembled in the US and made from all-natural hemp, one of the “greenest” materials known to Bigfoot, our fire starters are better for the earth and the woods than cotton alternative.
  • 101-year shelf life; up to 50 fires from one rope. Cut what you need, save the rest!
  • Wet, dry, warm or cold, you’ll have a bonfire in seconds! Works with lighters, matches or ferro rods.
  • Save the Squatch – Never leave fires unattended and always make sure they’re fully extinguished. Only you can prevent forest fires


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