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Lead the way with Brant & Cochran's new Dirigo Belt Axe!  Made from the same U.S. sourced 1050 steel as our Allagash Cruiser, the Maine wedge pattern axe head weighs in at 1.75 lbs. and is hafted on a 17" Amish-turned hickory handle.  Perfect for splitting kindling, putting in your camp pack or canoe, or splitting firewood to fit into your wood stove.  Comes with a custom, Maine-made leather sheath.

The Dirigo Belt Axe is a Maine wedge pattern camp axe. The Maine wedge pattern is characterized by a thick, heavy poll and its simple wedge shape.


· Bit Steel: 1050 carbon steel sourced from Lackawanna, NY and tempered to a Rockwell

hardness of 56

· Handle: 18” Amish-turned hickory

· Wooden wedge: black walnut

· Sheath – beefy 8 oz. re-tan leather hand crafted in Minot, Maine

Markings on Axe Head

· Brant & Cochran State of Maine Logo

· Last two digits of year of manufacture

· Last initial of blacksmith who crafted the axe

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